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How does google rank pages with few links?

Links do matter, and link building is often the priority for those involved in web design and search engine optimisation. They spend a substantial amount of time trying to build backlinks so that Google will rank their web pages higher than their competitors.

In a recent video, Google’s Matt Cutt’s revealed that links still hold tremendous value in the eyes of SEO rankings and that this would not change anytime in the near future. Backlinks can drive actual traffic as well as increasing search engine traffic – the more backlinks, the more credibility your website has. Building links does take time, so what do you do until you have built a large backlink profile?

Introducing an easier way to build a free website

You already know that a good looking, user friendly website is something you need to have if your online business is going to be a success. Creating a website doesn’t have to be scary, complicated, or even expensive. It’s possible to build a free website that you’ll love and which will bring members of your target market to your official site in droves.

6 steps to search engine optimisation success

Search engine algorithms, such as Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, tend to undergo constant changes throughout the year, thereby keeping inbound marketers constantly on their feet. However, SEO (search engine optimisation) strategies stay relatively consistent even as search engine algorithms are updated or revamped. SEO is a strategy that companies use in order to boost the web rankings of their website, thereby helping to increase traffic to your page as well as the authority of your brand.

The first step of a successful online marketing campaign is to optimise your site. By optimising all of your website’s content, you’ll be establishing a strong foundation for your SEO campaign.

Why your business needs a website

The Internet is here, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, and as such you and your business need to get hip to the party. Even if you think your business has no business on the web, your business still needs a website. Gone are the days of cumbersome, expensive, risky websites.

These days they are so much simpler and user friendly. The fact that you can open your business up to a whole other market should be reason enough for you to embrace the web present.

4 Things good website builder software will do

Every successful business has a successful website. There are many reasons having a successful website will help to build your company. One of the main benefits of a good website is that it makes your company look legit. If customers can go online and research your company, they will be more inclined to give you their business.

Webzy is free website builder software that can give you that professional looking website you need to grow your business.

DIY website builder – great for home based businesses

As the owner of a home based a business you might be asking yourself if you need to have a website. Actually you can’t afford not to have a website.  A website is the 21st century equivalent of hanging a sign with your business name. The internet has replaced telephone directories as the way people find goods and services and it’s absolutely essential you have a website so they can see your company.

Home based business owners are often intimidated and confused by the process of building a website, but using our DIY website builder makes it possible for people to have a website up and running in a few hours.

Webzy – A free website creator for all

If you have a small business offline, chances are you probably have business cards to give to people, you most likely have a brick and mortar store where people can come in and purchase from you, and you probably even have a cool sign on your building or signwriting on your car to tell people about your business. What you might not have is one of the most important methods of promoting your business; a website.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, a website is of the utmost importance and gives you numerous benefits. Below, we will be going over some of these benefits.