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Are you wondering how to make your own website without it looking like a DIY website? Our easy to use website builder enables anyone to create a website with absolutely no coding or specialised technical skills. If you can send an email and surf the web, you can use our website builder.


Designed for real people, not techies

Designed for real people, not techies

Words alone simply cannot explain how easy our web design platform is to use. With on page editing and a truly user-friendly dashboard, creating and updating your site couldn’t be simpler. You don’t need a degree in ‘design-ology’ or thousands of dollars worth of software.

You’re in complete control of your website

You’re in control of your website

Because it’s so easy to update the website yourself you won’t get expensive bills every time you want to edit your content. Keep your website content fresh, for less. You'll actually look forward to working on your website.

Drag & drop simplicity

Drag & drop simplicity

Build your page layout by using our drag & drop elements, customisable building blocks that let you configure the page exactly how you want it. Banners, columns of text, images, video and more are simply dragged into place. Webzy makes it child's play to arrange your page content.



responsive website


Stay close to your target with a responsive website

Attract visitors on any device with no effort

Implement your own fully responsive website designs with no technical knowledge required. Provide a great experience for your visitors across all devices. Exploiting the full potential of Odoo CMS and maximize conversions.



Full-featured e-Commerce

Optimize sales with an awesome online store

Odoo's e-Commerce software is unlike anything you have ever seen before. Get an awesome catalog of products and great product description pages.

It's full-featured, integrated with your management software, fully customizable and super easy.


Full-featured e-Commerce



Built-in Invoicing and Accounting



Built-in Invoicing & Accounting

No more painful synchronization between different software

Produce customer invoices in just a few clicks. Control sales and cash in real time and use Odoo's powerful reporting to make smarter decisions and improve your online store's efficiency.

No more hassle with integrating a variety of software: get all your sales and inventory operations automatically posted in your G/L.


Integrated Inventory Management

All your stock data in one unique place

Consolidate all your sales channels in real time: stores, ecommerce, sales teams. Get real time control of the inventory and accurate forecasts to manage procurement.





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